Post-Travel Detox: Part II

Wild & The Moon Simply Green

After successfully completing Part I of The Essential Cleanse from Wild & The Moon, I was off to a great start. Here is an inside look at Part II of my detox, including the final days, the results and my top tips for those of you looking to try a juice cleanse for yourself.

The Action: Detox Days Continued

Wild & The Moon Detox

Day 2


Even though I knew what to expect from this tiny flavor shot, I still managed to be shocked by the intensity of the ginger. I swear this little dose each morning is the only thing keeping me away from my morning cup of coffee...

Juice 1

Today kicks off with a “So Green” juice. This veggie forward drink was a little trickier to down in the morning — I personally love a sweet breakfast — but eventually I managed to finish the whole bottle.

Juice 2

This time I managed to wait the recommended three hours until cracking open my second bottle of the day. Although, I will admit that I was feeling a bit spacey in the lead up to it. Up next was Wild & The Moon's famous “Golden Milk” — think Turmeric Latte meets nut milk shake. If you haven’t had a Turmeric Latte, go and find one immediately. This slightly more savory sequel to the Chai Latte is sure to be a fan favorite this fall. Despite my best efforts to pace myself, I will shamelessly admit it was gone in about a minute.

Wild & The Moon Nut Milks

Juice 3

Onto lunch. This time, there was no juice or nut milk in sight, but a gazpacho. It was oddly satisfying to be able to eat this meal with a spoon instead of the usual straw (a reusable one of course). I love that this detox program includes such a variety of juices, nut milks and the occasional soup — it honestly makes all the difference when you're switching to liquids only for three days.

Juice 4

I had a sweet surprise in store with the next “Moon River” juice. Made with pomelo and pear, this was a nice change from two days of mostly veggie juices. Don’t be fooled though, this is not your average fruit juice — its hints of lavender and maca gave the drink the fresh spin that I’ve come to expect from Wild & The Moon.

As evening approached, I started to notice a huge shift in the way my stomach looked and felt. Before starting the detox program, I was feeling bloated and practically sick from my constant traveling and eating out. Now, for the first time in weeks, my stomach was flat and feeling fantastic.

Wild & The Moon Moon River

Juice 5

Dinner approached and with my husband finally back from a work trip, I got my first taste (or lack thereof) of what it was like to be around food and its tempting aromas. This is where I nearly lost it. I mean, his dinner was truffle pasta — that’s just cruel. After harnessing every bit of willpower in my body, I restrained myself from digging into the Italian goodness in front of me — but barely.

The Wall

After two full days of detoxing, I finally hit “The Wall”. The combination of a restricted diet and the slow days of an Abu Dhabi summer was starting to take its toll. My energy levels were down, my mood was abysmal and I was starting to dread another day of liquids (no matter how tasty they were). That night I laid in bed wallowing in my own self-pity and wondering what I had gotten myself into. 

Luckily, a quick bit of Google searching revealed that this mid-detox slump is actually pretty common. Despite my doubts and slightly dramatic suffering, I couldn’t give up now. I had made it two-thirds of the way through the cleanse program and something was telling me that day three would be worth it.

Day 3

Now, Day 3 of Wild & The Moon's detox programs revert back to the first day’s menu, so I won’t bore you with the usual juice descriptions. Instead, I’ll talk about my rebound after hitting the proverbial wall on Day 2.

After finishing my first juice of the day, I was still feeling skeptical about the last leg of my cleanse. But one nut milk and a quick snack later, I was on top of the world. I could feel waves of energy coming to me, more than I had experienced in weeks, and suddenly I couldn’t remember why I was ever feeling down. Part of my rebound was simply due to time. I had gone from weeks of eating large quantities of mostly un-healthy food to a completely raw, vegan, liquid diet. Even with the few days of pre-cleanse prep, it's no wonder I was going through withdrawal mid-way through the detox.

However, the other part of my bounce back was listening to my body and adding snacks to my day when I needed it. Everyone experiences juice cleanses differently, but if your body is telling you it needs more calories, then you should be listening to it. In case you missed it from Part I of my journey, snacking during Wild & The Moon's detox programs is not cheating - the cleanse allows for light bites in the form of raw nuts, fruits and veggies. Depriving yourself of food when you truly need it doesn't make you better, but it will make you bitter. I personally stocked up on raw treats like pistachios, almonds, carrots, and a bit of fruit to munch on during my three days of detoxing.

The rest of my day smooth sailing. Once I finished my cleanse’s final juice, I decided to go out for a celebratory tea with my husband, which is as crazy as it gets during a detox. Even as he chowed down on a delicious burger and truffle fries (seriously, why??), I didn’t flinch once — that’s how good I was feeling. At this point, my energy levels were sky high, my stomach was looking and feeling great and my tastebuds were totally refreshed. Why wouldn't I be in the best mood?

Now that I’ve completed my three-day detox, here are my biggest takeaways from the experience:

Wild & The Moon Detox

The Wrap Up: My Biggest Detox Takeaways

Reasons to do a Juice Cleanse

You are looking to hit the reset button on your eating habits after frequently dining out, eating rich meals or indulging in holiday level drinking.

Your stomach is feeling queasy after long periods of travel and you want to kick start getting your body back to normal.

Reasons NOT to do a Juice Cleanse

You are looking to lose large amounts of weight.

You are looking for a long-term, sustainable diet plan.


Pick up some raw snacks, mostly veggies and nuts, to munch on during your cleanse. It will make your detox much more enjoyable without detracting from the program’s benefits.

Beware of the mid-cleanse slump. You’ll be hungry, down and desperate, but stick with it until the end.

Have a partner who doesn't eat delicious foods in front of you while detoxing. Just kidding... kind of.

Check out The Essential Cleanse from Wild & The Moon — it’s honestly one of the tastiest and most beginner-friendly juice detoxes I’ve come across in the UAE. To all of the Abu Dhabi residents who are reading, they deliver to the capital as well as Dubai. Happy detoxing!