A Trendy Tourist's Guide to Prague

Looking for a summer getaway filled with beautiful views, rich history, and delicious meals - all at a budget friendly prices? Then Prague may be the destination for you.

From its breathtaking historical sites and architecture to its gorgeous restaurants and stylish cocktail bars, Prague has all you need and more for a romantic summer holiday. Here is my guide to the city:

Sights to See

Prague Castle

The UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the most significant Czech monuments. For me, the highlight of the castle was by far the Cathedral of St. Vitus, St. Adalbert and St. Wenceslas. The ornate cathedral is overflowing with history and artistic detail. I was particularly stunned by the silver tomb of St. John of Nepomuk. Its glistening metalwork is majestic.

Astronomical Clock

Mounted on the side of Old Town Hall in Old Town, the Astronomical Clock is one of Prague’s most outstanding historical features. The clock is particular known for its procession of apostles, which occurs at the start of every hour. Pro tip: Ditch the massive crowds like I did and view the clock while sipping a coffee or cocktail at the rooftop terrace of U Prince Hotel.

Charles Bridge

The iconic landmark was commissioned by King Charles IV and is bordered by 30 beautiful Baroque statues. Like the Astronomical Clock, this is also one of Prague’s premier tourist destinations, so prepare yourself for large crowds and a plethora of vendor stands. If you are feeling ambitious, set your alarm clock early and make your way to the bridge for a peaceful stroll at sunrise.

Vysehrad Park and St. Peter & Paul Church in Prague

Escape from Old Town and take a trip down to the castle on the Vyšehrad hill. The grounds sit perched atop a hill next to the Vltava River and offers a different vantage point of the city. You can easily spend an afternoon wandering the sprawling park grounds and exploring the historical landmarks.

Things to Do

Letná Beergarden

Take a late afternoon stroll through the gorgeously green Letná Park then snag a seat at one of the beergarden’s wooden park benches. It’s the perfect spot to grab a drink while admiring a sweeping view of Prague’s cityscape.

St. Wenceslas’ Vineyard - Villa Richter

This little slice of heaven is filled with luscious grapevines, touches of fresh floral blooms, and offers yet another breathtaking view of the city. It’s the ideal spot for a break post touring Prague Castle (it’s just next door), not to mention a welcomed change from the usual Prague beer scene for wine drinkers. Drinks aside, the spot also offers a range of snacks and light meals in its terrace space and a full menu at the vineyard’s restaurant.


Places to Eat

During my trip, I was constantly impressed by the quality and variety of restaurants in Prague. Though my personal favorites below all happen to be Italian (I have no shame about my love of pasta.), take advantage of the city’s countless cuisine options and be sure to try some local Czech faire.

Photo credit:  Divinis

Photo credit: Divinis


After a night out at the opera, I was desperately searching for a kitchen that was open for a late night meal. Considering the late hour, my meal and service expectations were anything but high, but Divinis blew me away with both. I was blown away by the restaurant’s signature dish (and the nibbles I stole from my fiancé’s meal). Our waiter was also extremely hospitable and not only offered thoughtful suggestions about the restaurant’s menu, but also openly recommended other restaurants to try in the city.

Photo Credit:  La Finestra

Photo Credit: La Finestra

La Finestra

This Italian eatery sets the tone for a charming and intimate dining experience the second you step in the door. The exposed brick walls, warm furniture choices and friendly staff make you feel at home instantly. Although, unlike my home, it produces some fine culinary dishes (although my cooking skills are definitely improving!). I went with a decadent truffle pasta and it did not disappoint.

Ristorante Pizzeria Giovanni

A hidden gem located right next to Old Town. Don’t be fooled by its unassuming exterior. The cozy restaurant serves amazing Italian food at reasonable prices.

Best Spots for a Drink


This cocktail bar came highly recommended by friends, so, once I found out it was a short walk from my hotel, it came as no surprise that I visited a few times during my stay. The cozy interior, dark wood, ornate bar and candle lighting gives the lounge a romantic, old fashioned mood. The bar offers a variety of cleverly crafted cocktails as well as a wide selection of absinthe. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the extensive drink list, my personal favorite was the Eau de Cocktail. The delicious cocktail features a variety of floral notes and, as its name alludes, the drink is served from a gorgeous perfume bottle.

Photo credit:  Parlour

Photo credit: Parlour


As I was walking down the street, I nearly passed the cocktail bar’s discreet entranceway. After opening the subtly marked door and walking down a short flight of stairs, I stepped into what looked like a cross between a friend’s basement and a library themed speakeasy. Old furniture, antique paintings, bookcases and an impressive wooden bar filled the space. Beyond the quirky interior, I was extremely impressed by Parlour’s attention to detail and focus on creating a personal experience. There are no menus. Each cocktail is custom made based on your taste preferences. The intimate experience makes for a great pre-dinner drink.

Photo credit:  Bugsy's Bar

Photo credit: Bugsy's Bar

Bugsy's Bar

Tucked inside the high end shopping avenue near Old Town, Bugsy’s Bar radiated with its lively atmosphere. Don’t fear the bar’s lengthy menu of inventive cocktails - I was particularly impressed by the helpful bartenders, who will match you with the perfect creation in no time.